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ArHi ff Khushi Pregnant part 2a

Part 2aSmile
arnav: what? she left!

anjali: yeah and why do you seem soo upset its good she left!

arnav: hmm... i guess you're right di. I'm going up to my room and make sure no one disturbs me

anjali: but chotte, aatleast eat breakfast

arnav: no, i'm not hungry

anjali: atleast listen... chotte!

(arnav already left and was walking up the stairs when he recollected the night when they became one)

mature content read at your own risk

flashback- 2 months ago 22nd july 2012

arnav pulled her by her arm into the room and pushed her against the wall tightening his grip on her wrists

arnav: you gold digger, you cant stop stealing my money can you?

khushi: what are you talking about? aaahhh stop hurting me cant you talk without manhandling me?

arnav: the payals you bought.

khushi: they are not mine and stop manhandling me

arnav: (sarcastically) why does it hurt? oh yeah then you must know how i felt when i saw you and him

khushi: leave me and i dont know what you are talking about. please enlighten me

arnav: you and my so called "jijaji"

khushi: what??????????

arnav: leave it anyway tonight is our night

khushi: (she felt like she could die) what do you...
but by the time she could finish he smashed his lips onto hers and bit her lips causing them to bleed. he bit her lips again causing her to part her lips and he sucked on her lower lip nipping, licking it until he was satisfied with each and every movement and the thrust his tongue into her honey, nectar sweetened mouth.

khushi moaned his name... khushi was protesting at first but then started responding, she held onto his collar while he stroked her waist hungrily.. he swirled his tongue around each and every corner and she tugged onto his hair pulling it along with her. It may have started as a revengeful kiss but the passion in the air compelled it to become a passionate kiss , a duel for victory, to see who can win. they separated searching for air as her knee gave way his hold on her tightened and his arousal increased

arnav: (in his head) oh so how i want her that little w***e, wonder how she had sex with shyam, well now's the time to find out!

khushi: arnav let me go i feel suffocated.

arnav: now you know how i feel everyday with you in the same room, but today i wanna be feeling suffocated with you!

he placed open mouthed kisses on her neck down to her arms and stopped as her sari was blocking his tantalizing view... soo he yanked the sari off of her and threw it to the ground. all khushi did was moan and get scared as she was not used to this. he saw her bulging breasts covered by her bra and tore apart her blouse taking in the view in front of his eyes. never did he think khushi would be so damn sexy that he would feel like fainting, of course he thought she was sexy but not like this could this get any better? he saw her red lace bra, his color... no their color! she was his aphrodisiac. he immediately started molding her breasts with her bra in between and slowly made his way around to her bra hook and ripped it open and chucked it with her blouse and sari. he rubbed his length on her stomach and she moaned his name begging him to stop but did he listen? nope. he took one breast and brought his mouth onto it and stated to suck it occasionally biting then licking to soothe the pain. he could feel her tugging his hair arching for him to have more access and he slowly pinched her nipples, her hardened nipples and bit them then did the same thing with her other breast like it was what he does everyday. he dipped his tongue into her navel as swirled his tongue around. she could feel him getting aroused as he was going hard near her core. he undid her skirt which left her in her panties and stood up making her undress him and she did! her every touch was like an electric shock travelling through his body and she thought two can play at this game and so she placed open mouthed kisses as she took every layer of clothing off of him until he was in his boxers. she could see his length bulging, wanting her so bad so she dipped her fingers into his boxers and stroked his length up and down. she heard his moans and he well he never thought the w***e can be so wild but of course that is why shyam fell for her instead of his di. He simply couldn't take it anymore and decided to remove her panties. he touched her dripping core and stuck a finger into her core he could feel her muscles tightening around and he started thrusting till she asked him to enter her and when she did he couldn't wait and he entered her feeling good , she moaned and screamed and slowly passion took over as he continued with his thrusts til she climaxed taking in all her moans. they repeated over and over again even though she said no he still went on. in the morning he found her on the floor huddled in a corner wrapped in a white sheet crying. he looked around and saw a  pool of blood...

to be continued

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ArHi ff Khushi Pregnant part 1

Our Stunning And Ethereal Couple ArHi

Arhi ff Khushi pregnantDisclaimer: This is solely my work, i own the story however do not own the characters. please do not copy and plagiarize my work as i will discontinue and delete all my posts 

part 1

After everyone in RM found out about Arnav and Khushi's contract marriage they decided to kick Khushi out. They all blame Khushi for Shyam and Anjali's marriage breaking, but they tolerated her for ASR's sake. But now they found out the truth, even Arnav hates her. payal and akash are away to mumbai for a business trip and do not know what is going on.

Nani: chotte how dare you take such a step did you think marriage was a joke? At first, I thought Khushi bitiya is perfect for you but she has influenced you so bad that you bring shame to our family that too for a worthless home wrecker. khushi why did you do this? why? (she breaks down)

Khushi: naniji please believe me i had no idea about shyamji and i had no intention to break your family apart. (she begs and pleads but no one listens and why would they? arnav didn't protect and defend his "wife")

Nani: Enough! i dont wish to hear you calling me nani from your filthy mouth and i certainly will not fall for your sugar coated lies. you will leave today and dont bother returning.

Khushi: arnavji, please tell them. arnavji, arnavji... me (she falls to the ground and starts crying)
arnav: what did you think that i will go against my family for a gold digger like you! NEVER!

khushi: but the other day you said you love me and will always be there with me...arnav: yes i said that but that doesn't mean i meant it... ASR can do anything for his Di's happiness and let me tell you one thing Di's happiness means you dead! but since i cant grant that wish oh so i wish i could have, so i decided to make your life hell but helping you weave dreams and then break them... nice plan huh? (but inside his heart he felt something was amiss and there was a piece of the puzzle yet to be filled. he knew he loved her but his hate is much stronger).

khushi: no, you cant do this to me not to our love and our heartsarnav: what love, the love you felt for my money, you f***ing wh**e? he gives his signature "unbelievable look"

khushi: arnavji you know that's not true!
nani: okay you can stay here for one more night as we dont want you to cry "marital abuse"


arnav wasn't sleeping, he was lying in his bed and was waiting for khushi to enter so he could tell her how much he hates her but she did not come and he eventually fell asleep thinking about whether he was too harsh with khushi as he knew some of the things he said was unforgivable and brutal.
khushi entered looking a state with her hair messed up, blood shot eyes that once used to be warm, hazel orbs but now the darkness and betrayal crept up behind her, destroying her truthful eyes and replacing it with betrayal and a blank look.
she went to her wardrobe well only for one night and took out her lengha that she wore on payash's wedding, her Devi Maiyya's idol and her diary. she packed it in a suitcase and placed it on the carpet, walked over to see arnav asleep clearly looking peaceful (well that's what she thinks). 

she touches his forehead and places a kiss on his cheek and sayskhushi: arnavji, i know you dont love me but i can stop loving you, tell me what shall i do. won't you even try and stop me? (she wipes her tears) did you know that when you came from work i felt so excited as i wanted to tell you something but you didnt listen and then all this happened. please believe me i love Di just like jiji. Anyway, why should i stay for 8 more hrs only to face more humiliation, i will always remember you. I Love You Arnavji...she pickes up her suitcase and leaves, but reaching the door she looks back and says

khushi: i will always remain faithful to our love

arnav wakes up and feels restless, he looks around and can't find khushi so he goes downstairs and asks anjali.
Arnav: Di?
anjali:: yes chotte?
arnav: have you seen khushi? she is not in the room
anjali: she must have left. good anyway at least we won't have anymore bad luck!

arnav was shocked and felt like someone yanked his heart out

that was it there are more parts

precap: what will arnav do? will he look for her?
Arnav: why did you do this to me you gold digger i bet you took all the jewelry and clothes with you, only to find her belongings and jewelry there with two other things too, what is it?Shocked